Friday, December 4, 2009

Long time no update

Sorry about the delay.

Things have been a little crazy around here with what happened with my car.

Work has been good. I'm feeling more comfortable doing everything. Strangely enough all I want to do is work since it keeps me distracted from real life. But I haven't been able to pick up as many shifts as I'd like to. My paychecks are weak.

I'm just looking at everything I have and if I can sell it. I put the Xbox 360 on craigslist and also my sub and amp from my car. I'll be walking or biking to Little Caesars and Jack in the Box soon to pick up applications.... I have to get another job soon.

I'm just really sad thinking about how I don't know if I can make it down here. It was going to be tight without having to pay for repairs up to $3000 on my car.
And rent is due.

I don't know if I can handle all of this.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Code U

In my first two days after training I experienced TWO code Us

Code U = Urine
Code V = Vomit

Code U #1
I was working the track and helping people in and checking their seat belts and I see they are going to pull a car so I go down the track to see if I can help any and then Andrew carefully maneuvers in the car and looks at me and says 'you do not want to get into this car' and I see on the seat there is a large puddle! Yuck!

Code U #2
I was up at the turnstile where you hand out the driver's licenses and greet people and there was a woman who pulled off to the side with her son and had another woman with her and I'm letting people in but keeping an eye on them and next thing I know the kid's pants are down and he's peeing on the ground! I didn't know what to do and the woman who wasn't the mother started panicking and the mother had like a diaper and was trying to catch it and it wasn't working and I was trying to get all the people out of the tower and past it as quickly as possibly! I was trying to also flag down the grandstand worker to stop sending people through the tower! I got bumped out and told the girl who took my place what was going on and ran downstairs and called custodial.

I'm just so glad we don't have to clean it up! Since my ride is not really a spinning dizzy one I'm really hoping we don't run into any Code V's... *knock on wood*

Training and what not :)

The training days went by really quickly. It was fun but crazy at the same time. A guy named Philip was my trainer and he looked to be about my age, maybe a little older.He was really nice and very informative. I kept hearing from everyone that he was the best trainer, so I was happy to hear that as well.

Training was a little stressful because I had never been through something like that before. The day before the review/Personal Assessment day I was confident with everything except naming off which track was which when I walked him out to the middle of the track and had to name each track as he pointed to them. My PA was done by the other trainer that was training another girl at the same time that I was being trained. The PA was easy, I even didn't do too bad on the naming of the tracks but they said I passed with flying colors!

So I was all pumped to be working on my own but set up for Post Training Shifts at the end of the next week. And once I got out there I felt like I forgot everything! It was strange. But I picked up on things pretty quickly and was feeling good. There are so many people that work on Autopia! I like it though. We clock in and get an assignment and we have to go and bump someone out with the receipt that the computer prints out for you... it's kinda neat. So approx. every 30 minutes we bump each other out and get to do a different position.

Tonight I am working some sort of special event. First Jes told me it's the Twilight cast but she's not sure now.... I kinda hope it is, just to say I saw them. Usually the park is open till 8 on weekdays in the off season but I'm scheduled 5pm-145am tonight, so something is definitely going on.

Next week I'm all scheduled up M-F for the holiday week even doing my first Fantasmic shift where I get to stand there and hold a light and tell people where to go... so I won't be coming home anytime soon. I'm starting to get more and more homesick as every holiday keeps coming around. I'm hoping to be able to sneak up there sometime soon...

December 7th is our Holiday Party where the park is closed off and just cast members and their families and what not. I only get one ticket since I don't have any dependents and asked Ashley to be my date... she is working on getting down here and her and Brit were planning on coming in December anyhow. I'm excited to have people come visit me. My friends Shann & Leslie are coming down this weekend too.

Alrighty, that's about it for now. Hope everyone is doing well. Love you and miss you

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The First 2 Days

Saturday - Traditions Class 10.31.09

Got to the casting center at 7:30, dressed to the nines, high heels, skirt, and all. Jes dropped me off since she was going to the park with her mom and aunt who came down to bring Jes some things. Hung out in a room for a while and started talking to a nice girl named Megyn and she's working at Pizza Port. We were together with custodial, food service, guest service and attractions. So there were a bunch of us. We went into a theater and they started talking to us and we had to stand up and say our name where we were working and our favorite Disney movie. I said Beauty and the Beast. :) Then we had to get into groups and name as many Disney character as possible. So Megyn and myself, plus 2 others sitting next to us made a group and we had 90 seconds. We just kept spouting them out and didn't really even stop. By the end of the time I didn't think we had that many, but we had 40. But we ended up winning and got a little toy. Then talked some more and then went upstairs to another room and went over some slides and played some matching games with things related to the resort. Then we went out into the park and did some touring around behind the scenes. It was neat! Except for the fact that I was wearing those heels and by the time we get out into the park my feet were killing me! What really upset me is that they have a standard for what we were supposed to be wearing. Like dressed up in business attire because when we are on stage we need to look professional or be in our costumes, adhering to the Disney look, or they would send us home. So why am I the only woman not in tennis shoes or shoes that aren't professional looking?? One girl (who looked 16) was in Uggs! So needless to say, me and one other girl that I didn't notice in the beginning were suffering walking around in the heat and attempting to not fall over in our shoes. Lunch couldn't come quick enough. A nice guy bought my lunch and was had a half hour lunch the the little cafeteria thing usually it has a full Kitchen going but since it was the weekend they didn't have it open. After lunch we went back up for more talking and what not, then they brought us down to the theater thing again where we were going to be getting our IDs and our name tags! I was very excited about this part. We sat down and they showed us another video... then they closed the curtains and opened them again and the mouse himself Mickey came out holding 2 baskets with all of our name tags and IDs! So they called us up one by one and Mickey gave me a hug and a kiss and we all stood up there and clapped and it was really cool. We were outta there by 3:00 so a pretty good day. I was anxious to see what ride I was going to be on. But Jes didn't get off work until after 4. Megyn actually ended up giving me a ride back to the apartment so I was able to get off my feet and get outta those shoes! Here's my name tag!

After that Jes's mom and aunt came over, we brought in her stuff and then we went out to dinner to Olive garden then to Downtown Disney and walked around and watched the fireworks and people watched all the crazy Halloween people. Really lame Halloween other than the fact that I started working at Disneyland.

Sunday - Park Operations 11.1.09

Class started at 9 on Sunday and I wasn't too sure what to expect but we met in the same area and a lot of the people that I met from the day before were there too, plus some new faces. I was running late due to the fact that my pants were too long because I needed to wear flats because I knew were we going to be walking around the park even more today. I had to buy a stapler at Walgreens on the way into work and make the best of what I had. I felt uncomfortable though. Again not everyone was dressed to the Disney look and it just frustrates me when people get away with slacking off. So we went upstairs and went and watched videos and learned about safety and all sorts of other things. This time it was a little boring. But I stayed alert and took notes while others decided they might fall asleep and not pay attention. Time seemed to be going backwards, also it was daylight savings so I was all thrown off. They put us into 2 groups and we went for another tour and were able to hear from everyone in all the different positions so that was really interesting and they let us ride Buzz Lightyear! So that was fun! And we saw Adam Sandler who was riding at the same time we were! So after that we went back to the building had lunch and then back up for more videos and presentations. Long long day. Finally at the end the schedulers came in and gave us a little overview of how scheduling works and how you want to make your scheduler your new best friend. Then they passed out our assignment papers that included our schedule. I was assigned to Autopia...the one I was hoping I would not get. Ugh, oh well, I will make the best of it. Plus it's an original Disneyland ride, so that's nostalgic  :) We were out of there by about 6 or so. But we were able to clock in and out using our ids and everything so that was neat. Came home after that and changed and Jes had to work Fantasmic so I drove us over there and I hung out in the park alone watching Autopia and watching the Halloween fireworks since it was the last night they were doing them. Christmas has already begun in the park! They will be filming for the Christmas Parade this weekend too and Jes is actually going to be working that too.

So overall a cool couple of first days... I start my first on the job training day on Thursday and working through Sunday. Dad and Judy and Miranda plus all the skating teams are coming down this weekend and will be in the park on Friday! The training that I have on Friday will be over by 330 so I will be able to hang out with them in the park. Miranda is skating at 1ish on Sunday so I will be working then but I will be going to their rehearsal in the morning before I head to my shift. This weekend should be awesome, I am really anxious to start working and am a little nervous about the whole costuming thing. We are allowed up to 3 costumes out at a time and they launder them for you :) I'm excited about that. They want them to be pressed and in good condition at all times.

Alright need to get some stuff together to have Dad and Judy take home to store for me. My hoarder self doesn't have enough room here to keep everything that I would like to.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Moved in!

For some reason I was having difficulty writing on the last post with the pictures. But anyhoo, I'm all moved in! The drive down didn't seem that long and it was cool spending time with Dad. Uncle John and Todd came out and helped us move everything in. Even though technically we are the first story of the apartments... we are still up one flight of stairs, since all the parking is underneath. Another problem we ran into is that the doorway to the kitchen is not standard doorway size... and we had a standard size fridge. So it didn't fit, and we didn't even bring it up. The only way it was getting in the Kitchen is if it was put over the pass through... which probably wasn't a good idea. So we left it outside... and depending on if it stayed through the night I planned on putting it up on craigslist the next day and selling it. Went to dinner at El Torito for dinner and it was all starting to sink in... it's strange.

Next day the fridge was still there and I posted it up on craigslist. Got a couple of calls instantly so we hung around to meet up with people. Which of course, there ended up being 2 flakers, then another woman called for her daughter and started to set up the timing but finally was able to sell it after sitting out there all day and also shooing away some guys that came and tried to steal it when we were sitting right there! The girl who came and got it was really nice and told us to call her if we wanted to party and she lives in Costa Mesa, so that was nice and we talked to some neighbors too. I think the neighborhood will be ok, it's a little sketchy but since there are a bunch of families it  makes me feel a little better about it.

Things have been a bit boring for me lately, but I will have more fun stories once I start working in the park!

Missing home and people that I know... walking around and not seeing one familiar face is kind of depressing. But things will get better once I start working and starting meeting people!

Love you all! <3

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pictures that Jes sent me!

Living Room & Dining Room

My room and closet! 

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Next weekend is the move!

We got it!

Jessica is up here right now but that means I can get her my cashier's check to take down with her and so she's able to move in this weekend. I was thinking about going down this weekend but there is still some family in Grass Valley that I would like to spend some time with. Saturday should be the day.

My move in cost is going to be $758.25 With the $400 I had in savings, the $280 I made from my yard sale plus getting caught up on my paychecks I will be good to go. I will just need to get a second job ASAP when I get down there so I don't have to worry about money. I had been planning all along to get a second job, I didn't think I could even live down in that area without one.

Judy and Dad were recommending that I get into some sort of Sunday champagne brunch thing because I could make a good amount just on tips on a Sunday morning. I googled a bunch of those plus looked up the restaurants in the new Anaheim Garden Walk plus Downtown Disney so I have a nice list of places to call and go into once I get down there.

I made the reservation for the Uhaul, got the 14' one with the tow dolly for $231 that I will pay when I pick it up on Friday the 23rd.

I talked to Jessica about her first days working and she says there is a lot involved, but I'm ready for the challenge. Plus she has to learn multiple rides inside Fantasyland and I will be learning just one, I think. I'm really crossing my fingers for Star Tours or Space Mountain! Even the Buzz Lightyear one would be fun!  

Talked to Mom last night and started to try and make plans for Saturday. They are having dinner with Ashley and Anthony on Saturday night so I will probably do something with Aunt Denise and Uncle John, Mom is going to talk to everyone and figure out a plan.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Let's get down!

Went to dinner with Dad and Judy Friday night and got things figured out for getting down there. They asked me what might be an obvious thing that I hadn't really thought of yet.

"Who's helping you move?"

LOL, whoops.

I had looked up Uhauls the other night and it'll be about $224.00 to rent a 10' truck and a tow dolly for my car. I think the 10' would be ok, but I'm not sure, but the 14' would be $231.00 so it's not as bad as I thought it might be. Includes up to 3 days 517 miles plus I need to pay for gas. 

The apartment we are living in is called Sunset Plaza in Anaheim. We were deciding between 2 different ones and almost with the Monticello. This one has 2 baths and subterranean parking.  New hardwood floors, granite countertops and tile in the baths I believe and it's a downstairs unit, which will be nice to move into. Especially if we need a fridge. Jessica felt good about both of them and I am going off her judgment, but we seem to be on the same page with most things, so I don't think I have much to worry about. The place doesn't have a website though and I would like to see the floorplan...I wonder if he could fax me a copy of one. 

These are the pics that Jessica sent to me 

I appreciate the granite :)

Back to the moving... Dad offered to help me move the weekend of the 23rd, drive with me down and be able to fly home. So that's when I'm actually moving! I might be going down this weekend to help Jessica move in if we get the apartment and we can move in this weekend. Getting the apartment shouldn't be a problem, but you never know. We are supposed to know today or tomorrow.

It's so crazy how everything is coming together and I am actually doing it! It's surreal. 

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just a speedbump

Well I'm down to one roommate.

The first and original girl decided to back out on me yesterday. We really need to find a place anyhow so this will help speed up the process since she decided to stop communicating with me anyhow. She thinks unrealistically about living right next to the beach and trying to pay for a place that we can't afford. She already tried to get me into a house that I wasn't comfortable with paying that much for, she may be upset about that still, or about how I didn't bring her down with me when I went down for my interview. I didn't want to have another person, especially one with a different agenda than my own, to mess things up. And then she also asked if I could drive to her old place in Huntington Beach to pick up some stuff for her. I didn't. It was way out of the way and I had to work the next day. So she might have some bad feelings towards me but she wasn't really making me feel very confident that she wanted to live with me, or us, or anything. She just moved back up to Roseville with no warning and no explanation and wouldn't answer my calls or texts. Something about her sister having surgery but nothing more than that, if it was a personal issue I would understand, but she just blocked me out and wouldn't explain herself.

I wanted to be able to focus on finding a house, and now I can with much more ease. She was being picky about everything and wouldn't look for anything when she was down there.

Moving on, up and atom!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's only just begun!

Aunt Denise wanted to know how all the interview went down so I copied this from the email that I sent her and added some bits and pieces

The interview day was very nerve racking. Well I went down there the other weekend (9/11) and a week and a day later I got the email to schedule the interview. I got to schedule it myself with the automated thing, I took the first available 10/5. @ 9am. After going through all the days I almost was thinking there wasn't even going to be an interview until November or something crazy like that.

I couldn't believe it was happening! So I got there about 20 minutes early and filled out some paperwork. Waited a bit, then had to watch a little movie about the Disney look and the hours and the expectations. And basically said, if this isn't what you want, then don't bother going any further. Then there was the personality test! I hate tests. I finished 15 minutes before the others in my group and waited some more. When they were finished we all sat a little while longer. A woman then walked up and called for the 2 people in my group pulled them aside and told them something I couldn't hear then they sat back down. Then I started to become so nervous after that my hands were about to start dripping in sweat! I couldn't live with myself if I didn't pass a personality test! About 15 minutes later the same woman called me up and asked if I was able to stay a while longer and I said no problem at all! LOL.

So the others were called into rooms and came out and called back in as I was still waiting to get called again and of course it made me nervous again. When the woman finally called 'Erica' I couldn't have been happier to hear my name! The woman took me into her office and she was super friendly and commented on my necklace and how much she liked it. So we were chit chatting and I felt instantly comfortable with her, so that was nice. Before I realized it, I was getting asked interview questions when I didn't realize I was in the actual interview! She asked what I do at my current job, why disney, what I would do in certain situations, how I liked working at a pizza place. She also asked if I got to choose what land I would want to work in (Something I had been thinking about since I was at the park the day before) I told her Tomorrowland. I looked at everyone's outfits and liked theirs.... LOL.

She started to look at her paperwork a little more but just very casually and then said to me "well this is really easy because you are so awesome, you got the job! and you get to work in Tomorrowland" So I read over the job description and was super giddy and could barely sit still! She wanted to schedule me an appointment to fill out my paperwork again but I told her I was driving home that day after we were done so she was able to squeeze me in at 2:00 and gave me a huge packet and a huge stack of paperwork to fill out.

I met up with Nicole and Laura and we went to lunch and I filled out all my paperwork and had to be back there by 2. We walked around Downtown Disney until I had to leave and went back. They took my paperwork I had to sign a couple of more pages and he took my picture and set up my training days! It was amazing...! We got outta there by like 2:30 and got back home around 10-10:30.

So needless to say it was a crazy 48 hours after leaving Saturday night from Loomis at about 10-10:30ish!


This is a blog that I plan on keeping updated so my family and friends or whoever wants to listen can see what I'm up to.

Things are getting started for me, soon I will be in a new city, starting a new job at Disneyland and having all sorts of fun (hopefully) new adventures!

I might be taking pictures from my cell phone since that is the only camera  I currently have...

Anyhoo, enjoy!