Thursday, November 19, 2009

Code U

In my first two days after training I experienced TWO code Us

Code U = Urine
Code V = Vomit

Code U #1
I was working the track and helping people in and checking their seat belts and I see they are going to pull a car so I go down the track to see if I can help any and then Andrew carefully maneuvers in the car and looks at me and says 'you do not want to get into this car' and I see on the seat there is a large puddle! Yuck!

Code U #2
I was up at the turnstile where you hand out the driver's licenses and greet people and there was a woman who pulled off to the side with her son and had another woman with her and I'm letting people in but keeping an eye on them and next thing I know the kid's pants are down and he's peeing on the ground! I didn't know what to do and the woman who wasn't the mother started panicking and the mother had like a diaper and was trying to catch it and it wasn't working and I was trying to get all the people out of the tower and past it as quickly as possibly! I was trying to also flag down the grandstand worker to stop sending people through the tower! I got bumped out and told the girl who took my place what was going on and ran downstairs and called custodial.

I'm just so glad we don't have to clean it up! Since my ride is not really a spinning dizzy one I'm really hoping we don't run into any Code V's... *knock on wood*

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  1. Ewww... I hope you don't ever get a code "V" either.