Thursday, November 19, 2009

Training and what not :)

The training days went by really quickly. It was fun but crazy at the same time. A guy named Philip was my trainer and he looked to be about my age, maybe a little older.He was really nice and very informative. I kept hearing from everyone that he was the best trainer, so I was happy to hear that as well.

Training was a little stressful because I had never been through something like that before. The day before the review/Personal Assessment day I was confident with everything except naming off which track was which when I walked him out to the middle of the track and had to name each track as he pointed to them. My PA was done by the other trainer that was training another girl at the same time that I was being trained. The PA was easy, I even didn't do too bad on the naming of the tracks but they said I passed with flying colors!

So I was all pumped to be working on my own but set up for Post Training Shifts at the end of the next week. And once I got out there I felt like I forgot everything! It was strange. But I picked up on things pretty quickly and was feeling good. There are so many people that work on Autopia! I like it though. We clock in and get an assignment and we have to go and bump someone out with the receipt that the computer prints out for you... it's kinda neat. So approx. every 30 minutes we bump each other out and get to do a different position.

Tonight I am working some sort of special event. First Jes told me it's the Twilight cast but she's not sure now.... I kinda hope it is, just to say I saw them. Usually the park is open till 8 on weekdays in the off season but I'm scheduled 5pm-145am tonight, so something is definitely going on.

Next week I'm all scheduled up M-F for the holiday week even doing my first Fantasmic shift where I get to stand there and hold a light and tell people where to go... so I won't be coming home anytime soon. I'm starting to get more and more homesick as every holiday keeps coming around. I'm hoping to be able to sneak up there sometime soon...

December 7th is our Holiday Party where the park is closed off and just cast members and their families and what not. I only get one ticket since I don't have any dependents and asked Ashley to be my date... she is working on getting down here and her and Brit were planning on coming in December anyhow. I'm excited to have people come visit me. My friends Shann & Leslie are coming down this weekend too.

Alrighty, that's about it for now. Hope everyone is doing well. Love you and miss you

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