Tuesday, August 31, 2010

all downhill from here

My car is gone forever so I'm back to a bicycle. Well it will be sold on the 7th.

I started the mentoring program for being a trainer at Autopia. They aren't looking for trainers just yet but I'm jumping in to see how it all goes and be ahead of the game. My mentor Noretta basically says I'm a shoe in from filling out my first packet and after our first meeting. I really think I could be a great trainer. I would look into being a lead as well but I think I need to be seen as an authority figure as a trainer before being able to get respect from the other cast members. I'm excited for what it will bring.

I almost went back to college. Decided against it a the last minute and good thing it would be difficult without a car. I will probably get a bus pass. I think I can get a free or discounted one with Disney. Chris is helping a lot too, he said to just let him know whenever I need to use his car.

The Autopia Banquet is coming up soon and I really hope I get nominated for something cool and win the award :)

I'm planning on coming up home next month (well almost this month...September) the weekend of the 25th for my friend Sara's wedding that's in Auburn. Chris is coming with me so it should be fun to show him Nor Cal since he really hasn't seen it before. I'll see whoever I can but it's just a weekend trip so we gotta see what our schedules let us do once they come out.

I found someone else that is looking to move into a house near Disneyland so if we find something close and maybe a couple more people I'll be out of here and no more Eileen. But as of now, I'm probably stuck here.

I'm actively looking for a second job. Applied to a couple online. I know a friend that works as a manager at a theater so I'm going to apply there too. And go into some of the fab shops on tile row or way or whatever they call it. I'm looking into some stuff with child care or working with the kiddos.