Monday, June 14, 2010


I was thinking about this the other day... things I would like accomplish while I'm down here and working for Disney.

One of the goals is that I want to become a trainer at Autopia

But before that I want to be there at least a year.... so I have till Halloween and then I will start pursuing it. I'm still learning new things everyday and I want to read the OG more and continue working on skills that it takes to be a trainer, talk to trainers and stuff like that. So that is pretty exciting.

 I applied to Fullerton College and Santa Ana College (Community Colleges down here) to possibly take a couple of classes coming up in the fall. I haven't been to college in a long time but I figure it wouldn't hurt any to at least take 1 or 2. I also applied for financial aid so we will see how that goes. I want to possibly just get my AA in something so I can quit feeling so useless and stupid because I don't have much college experience. I ordered my transcripts from Sierra and should be getting them soon... I'm a little frightened to look at those, haha

Anyhoo! Family Reunion this weekend! Can't wait!