Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Next weekend is the move!

We got it!

Jessica is up here right now but that means I can get her my cashier's check to take down with her and so she's able to move in this weekend. I was thinking about going down this weekend but there is still some family in Grass Valley that I would like to spend some time with. Saturday should be the day.

My move in cost is going to be $758.25 With the $400 I had in savings, the $280 I made from my yard sale plus getting caught up on my paychecks I will be good to go. I will just need to get a second job ASAP when I get down there so I don't have to worry about money. I had been planning all along to get a second job, I didn't think I could even live down in that area without one.

Judy and Dad were recommending that I get into some sort of Sunday champagne brunch thing because I could make a good amount just on tips on a Sunday morning. I googled a bunch of those plus looked up the restaurants in the new Anaheim Garden Walk plus Downtown Disney so I have a nice list of places to call and go into once I get down there.

I made the reservation for the Uhaul, got the 14' one with the tow dolly for $231 that I will pay when I pick it up on Friday the 23rd.

I talked to Jessica about her first days working and she says there is a lot involved, but I'm ready for the challenge. Plus she has to learn multiple rides inside Fantasyland and I will be learning just one, I think. I'm really crossing my fingers for Star Tours or Space Mountain! Even the Buzz Lightyear one would be fun!  

Talked to Mom last night and started to try and make plans for Saturday. They are having dinner with Ashley and Anthony on Saturday night so I will probably do something with Aunt Denise and Uncle John, Mom is going to talk to everyone and figure out a plan.

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  1. hey erica!! i hope you have are going to have fun living in LA cuz i am sure i will not be having fun here with out u!!!!! lol! jk well not jk but ya! hahahahahahaahahha