Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just a speedbump

Well I'm down to one roommate.

The first and original girl decided to back out on me yesterday. We really need to find a place anyhow so this will help speed up the process since she decided to stop communicating with me anyhow. She thinks unrealistically about living right next to the beach and trying to pay for a place that we can't afford. She already tried to get me into a house that I wasn't comfortable with paying that much for, she may be upset about that still, or about how I didn't bring her down with me when I went down for my interview. I didn't want to have another person, especially one with a different agenda than my own, to mess things up. And then she also asked if I could drive to her old place in Huntington Beach to pick up some stuff for her. I didn't. It was way out of the way and I had to work the next day. So she might have some bad feelings towards me but she wasn't really making me feel very confident that she wanted to live with me, or us, or anything. She just moved back up to Roseville with no warning and no explanation and wouldn't answer my calls or texts. Something about her sister having surgery but nothing more than that, if it was a personal issue I would understand, but she just blocked me out and wouldn't explain herself.

I wanted to be able to focus on finding a house, and now I can with much more ease. She was being picky about everything and wouldn't look for anything when she was down there.

Moving on, up and atom!

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