Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Moved in!

For some reason I was having difficulty writing on the last post with the pictures. But anyhoo, I'm all moved in! The drive down didn't seem that long and it was cool spending time with Dad. Uncle John and Todd came out and helped us move everything in. Even though technically we are the first story of the apartments... we are still up one flight of stairs, since all the parking is underneath. Another problem we ran into is that the doorway to the kitchen is not standard doorway size... and we had a standard size fridge. So it didn't fit, and we didn't even bring it up. The only way it was getting in the Kitchen is if it was put over the pass through... which probably wasn't a good idea. So we left it outside... and depending on if it stayed through the night I planned on putting it up on craigslist the next day and selling it. Went to dinner at El Torito for dinner and it was all starting to sink in... it's strange.

Next day the fridge was still there and I posted it up on craigslist. Got a couple of calls instantly so we hung around to meet up with people. Which of course, there ended up being 2 flakers, then another woman called for her daughter and started to set up the timing but finally was able to sell it after sitting out there all day and also shooing away some guys that came and tried to steal it when we were sitting right there! The girl who came and got it was really nice and told us to call her if we wanted to party and she lives in Costa Mesa, so that was nice and we talked to some neighbors too. I think the neighborhood will be ok, it's a little sketchy but since there are a bunch of families it  makes me feel a little better about it.

Things have been a bit boring for me lately, but I will have more fun stories once I start working in the park!

Missing home and people that I know... walking around and not seeing one familiar face is kind of depressing. But things will get better once I start working and starting meeting people!

Love you all! <3

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