Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's only just begun!

Aunt Denise wanted to know how all the interview went down so I copied this from the email that I sent her and added some bits and pieces

The interview day was very nerve racking. Well I went down there the other weekend (9/11) and a week and a day later I got the email to schedule the interview. I got to schedule it myself with the automated thing, I took the first available 10/5. @ 9am. After going through all the days I almost was thinking there wasn't even going to be an interview until November or something crazy like that.

I couldn't believe it was happening! So I got there about 20 minutes early and filled out some paperwork. Waited a bit, then had to watch a little movie about the Disney look and the hours and the expectations. And basically said, if this isn't what you want, then don't bother going any further. Then there was the personality test! I hate tests. I finished 15 minutes before the others in my group and waited some more. When they were finished we all sat a little while longer. A woman then walked up and called for the 2 people in my group pulled them aside and told them something I couldn't hear then they sat back down. Then I started to become so nervous after that my hands were about to start dripping in sweat! I couldn't live with myself if I didn't pass a personality test! About 15 minutes later the same woman called me up and asked if I was able to stay a while longer and I said no problem at all! LOL.

So the others were called into rooms and came out and called back in as I was still waiting to get called again and of course it made me nervous again. When the woman finally called 'Erica' I couldn't have been happier to hear my name! The woman took me into her office and she was super friendly and commented on my necklace and how much she liked it. So we were chit chatting and I felt instantly comfortable with her, so that was nice. Before I realized it, I was getting asked interview questions when I didn't realize I was in the actual interview! She asked what I do at my current job, why disney, what I would do in certain situations, how I liked working at a pizza place. She also asked if I got to choose what land I would want to work in (Something I had been thinking about since I was at the park the day before) I told her Tomorrowland. I looked at everyone's outfits and liked theirs.... LOL.

She started to look at her paperwork a little more but just very casually and then said to me "well this is really easy because you are so awesome, you got the job! and you get to work in Tomorrowland" So I read over the job description and was super giddy and could barely sit still! She wanted to schedule me an appointment to fill out my paperwork again but I told her I was driving home that day after we were done so she was able to squeeze me in at 2:00 and gave me a huge packet and a huge stack of paperwork to fill out.

I met up with Nicole and Laura and we went to lunch and I filled out all my paperwork and had to be back there by 2. We walked around Downtown Disney until I had to leave and went back. They took my paperwork I had to sign a couple of more pages and he took my picture and set up my training days! It was amazing...! We got outta there by like 2:30 and got back home around 10-10:30.

So needless to say it was a crazy 48 hours after leaving Saturday night from Loomis at about 10-10:30ish!

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