Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So I decided to put in my cross training request to work up at Space Mountain. I talked to a friend that works up there and also works on Autopia and he thinks I could do it. And also says they need more nice people that still can tell someone what to do. Which he says is like me :) So that's awesome. Made me feel really confident.

But then again I started thinking about my safety. And I don't think I'll be going up there anytime soon. And really I don't know if I am ready. From talking to people who work the Monorail I don't think I would like that... too much standing around not doing anything. I need a fast pace. But if I don't get put up to Space Mountain before July 27th, I'm back down to one attraction, so the other one I put into work at is Finding Nemo. I can barely ride it without getting claustrophobic but I think it would be different driving since I would be able to see out of the top. I don't want to go to Buzz because everyone I know that works there hates it. So Nemo is really my only choice. Plus I know a bunch of people that already work there so it would be cool.

I would love love love to be on the opening crew for Star Tours 2 but me and everyone else who works at disneyland...even the people that never worked the original... so we will see once the time comes closer.

Day off today. Went to my first Angels baseball game last week and going to my first Dodger game on Friday.

The first Grad night is this Thursday and hopefully I'm at Auto. Should be very interesting... I've heard so many crazy stories and can't wait to see what it's like. I'm not working next week's grad night... unless my friend wants to switch me. So we will see.

Eileen was gone for about a month and I had the house to myself. It made me miss living alone. As much as I hate being alone it's kind of nice sometimes to have a house to yourself.

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