Monday, April 12, 2010

orange suit up

usually after about 4-6 months they like to cross train people to new rides. last year they were pretty far behind and a lot of the friends that i work with at autopia just recently got cross trained but now pretty much everyone that i hired in with is getting cross trained to buzz lightyear, nemo and little ol me, i put in the request to train over to star tours.

i didn't think i would get cross trained over there because, for one, it's supposed to be going down to change it to star tours 2. i first heard in october then august and now everyone is saying in july. either way, i wanted to be one of the people who worked the original ride. and closing it will also be pretty neat. i may be one of the opening people on it too because they want new faces over there. there is so much seniority...half the people that work there opened it!

the other reason i didn't think i would get cross trained even at all is that i got kind of got in trouble the other day. it wasn't exactly my fault because i asked someone else to turn off the car for me. but she didn't. more reason to just do everything myself...ugh. so i compromised the safety of the attraction. which is a big thing. but i talked to the managers and they understood what happened but i had to have something put on my record card for it.

philip who was my trainer reassured me that it would be ok. he has gotten a safety and he's a trainer and just recently became a lead. unless i make a habit of it, i don't think i will have a problem with anything. it won't be a mistake that i ever make again. i was so scared at first about it but now things are back to normal pretty much and i am able to joke about it. and this guy steven likes to ask me every single time now when we are pulling a car if it's turned off...even if i'm not pulling it off, if i'm in earshot he'll ask it quite loudly. he's just joking around though and it makes me feel more lighthearted about it.

so tomorrow morning at 6am i start my training over at star tours! and look at the lovely get up i get to wear!

i will post another one when i'm in it...maybe.

but it basically looks like i'm a convict on the side of the highway picking up trash

i'm nervous but excited at the same time. there will be buttons and e stops on this ride and i'm not used to that...and i'm also not used to working indoors or just standing around. at autopia we move around so much i don't like when i do have the position where i don't get much physical activity.

i'm happy to be able to be cross trained and become more of an assest to the company...the more i know the better... and maybe i can pick up my 3rd attraction before star tours goes down. because once it goes down then i will have to drop the knowledge that i have there and once the new one comes in we will all have to be retrained on it. hopefully i can work on the new one :)

3rd attractions in tomorrowland are space mountain and also the monorail. both are a little intimidating.

i'm leaning more towards the monorail.

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